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So this is my makeshift "Do it For Me So I Dont Screw it Up" thread. ha. I was wondering if anybody on here does mods for other guys on the forums. Hopefully within the relatively near future I will be getting some cups for gaming. Possibly the AD700's TAD500's etc.


I would like it to have a mic however with the one cable and split at the bottom. I know lots of guys here have done this mod and I'm not really confident in my ability to self-mod and I'd rather not wreck a pair of cans that cost me like 100 bucks. So I was wondering if any of the guys who have done the mod before (cheap boom mic off amazon etc) do work for a small fee and would be willing to help me out once I get my headset. 


I live near the Twin Cities MN (So if any body within driving distance thats great but I'd be willing to ship to somebody who is trusted on the forums)