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I like bass and punch, but I also want clarity, warm and crisp sound, without hurting on higher volumes. Are there any other options than the turbine pro copper/gold I should check out? Read alot about these, and want to step up from the ones I own now.



I currently use Klipsch image s4 and feel they lack the bass I want. It got alot better with comply tips, but not enough. I Also won RBH sound EP-2 in a giveaway, but they didnt go all the way inside my canals because of the big "body". Also they didnt sound as good as my klipsch, but thats the fitting or burn ins problem. After a while I ordered Hippo VBs from jaben after some hype on the bass on this forum. When I got them the one phone had lower volume than the other, so I got a new one. Havent bothered to unpack it yet, because I want to sell all the three earbuds I have and buy a higher end one, with the clarity and bass I want. 


I dont know alot about sound description etc, but lets just say I want atleast the same details in the music as the klipsch image s4, but maybe some warmer sound and for sure better bass! Hope you can help me choose if copper or gold would be best for me, or even if some other brands are better in this price range.


edit: I use my oppo find 5 with spotify HQ offline mode most. But also my zenbook ux31a, and maybe thinking of buying an Audioquest Dragonfly for pc use. 

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