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guy with weird head on a quest for headphones

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Hey, it's nice to finally be here...


I have such a weird head, very narrow face, and ears that somewhat stick out (i am still quite good-looking don't get me wrong), ok jokes aside, cause of that I have a lot of concerns when buying new headphones.  Over ear headphones don't provide good enough clamp and seal for me, and on-ear headphones fit is very awkward. Moreover stores in my country don't have display models to try them out.


I narrowed it down, and I think that I need either over-ear or on-ear headphones with high clamping force and deep ear pads, or in-ear headphones with different sized caps.

I would also like to have a pair of headphones with detachable cable, so they would last longer.


Can you please recommend me some decent over-ear and on-ear headphones from 60 to around 150$ that have these characteristics. I listen to all kinds of music.



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Good all arrounders tend to be neutral-ish.  Cans like the CAL!, Sony MDR 7506 and KRK KNS 8400 come to mind.  Open cans in this class would include the the Senn HD 5x8 line and the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X.  Very few in this price rang have detachable cables.  The KRK and Shure SRH 840 do and the CAL! does--sort of.


Beyond that ..


Once again I’ll mention that headphone comfort is a very individual thing.  Sizing and sensitivities are unique to each person.  We can point you to headphones that are generally considered to be comfortable and mention others that have garnered complaints for being uncomfortable.  However, the only way to know for sure is to wear them yourself for a time equivalent to your longest listening session.

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thanks man, I did a quick google research and have found lots of comments from people, supposedly with small heads, who commented that 7506 and KNS 6400/8400 don't have good clamping pressure.


I was wondering what clamping pressure do M-Audio Q40s, Custom One Pros, and V-Moda M80s provide? If I'm feeling larger than life maybe I would also go also for M100, how do they clamp?


I think for starters most important thing for me is strong clamping pressure. I want to experience everything that cans can provide, and with bad seal around the ears... well it doesn't justify paying 150$ for headphones If I have to keep them pressed down on my ears with my hands in order to get the best sound out of them.


I have never really owned a pair of decent cans. I sometimes put on my old Sony MDR XD200, but they don't provide any clamping pressure/seal at all, If I lean my head forward or backwards, they fall off.

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