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Any reviews?

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I'm beginning to think that the Head-Fi forums are part of an old boy's club.  Its  very difficult to get any information here.

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You're just too impatient.


Also, not everyone is hanging on with bated breath to jump in and answer your queries.

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Not to mention the number of people that regularly post here have heard the SR407 (or the rest SRX07 series) isn't all that high, so you're probably better off looking up impressions of the SR407 yourself, since your impatience will probably lead to someone trying to be helpful regurgitating someone else's impressions anyway.

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Nah, I don't believe you.

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So....any reviews?

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Yes, there are reviews!

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I owned the 4170 combo and sold it. Sound is good though not the "amazing" difference I expected after all the stax write ups. I found them very uncomfortable and that is why I eventually sold it. The ear cups are designed for very small ears. I added the 507 pads thinking that might solve the problem but it was no help. I could not wear them for more than 30 minutes without it being too uncomfortable and taking away from the music. Also I found the sound a bit dry for my taste. Just did not have the reported "stax magic" for me. I stayed with my dynamics and at the time I also had HE500 which I deemed better but also not nearly comfortable. HD800 or T1  produce better results for me and I can forget I am wearing headphones. I would audition the 4170 at length (at least two hours) before buying. You can get some great dynamic headphones for that price which don't require the special amping requirements.

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