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Greetings hi fi gurus

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this is my first post here after reading this great forum for a long time now. I decided to finally join and open a thread for intro+some advice.


Im running a xfi sb0880 soundcard with an entry level Sony headphones. Dont even remember the model just bought them last week in a fit or frustration after running around helpless in my city (Karachi) and finding either generic crap (Phony/ DrDRA BLEATS?! LOL!!) or those high end Beyerdynamic cans that proly require a powerstation to run and are above 500$.


I had ordered a pair of Denon AHD2000s off of a local vendor who informed me the company stopped making them.


Previously I was using JVC RX 900s for a long time. Phenomenal headsets for the money! Never heard anything like them before in the price range.


On suggestion of some of my sound connoisseur friends, Ive narrowed down my choice to the following: 


budget: max 250 USD

sound quality Im looking for: clarity with base. I dont care abt the mids as long as I can hear those rumbling lows AND the guitar riffs well Im a happy man!


-  VModa LP2 (Ive read enough to know theyre controversial, but the sound described is leaning towards bass so...)


- Some Audio technica models I dont remember the names of.


I will be shipping them to my place so its a one shot thing... If I get something I dont like then Ill prolly be stuck with it for a long time.

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Well if you don't care about mids the DT770 might be right down your alley.  It sounds like you might be a basshead (and you just don't know it yet) The XB1000s could work well for you too but they look a little out of your budget.


EDIT: If you buy some cans that you don't like you can always turn around and sell them on the Buy/sell/trade forum on here for a pretty substantial price.  The D2000  can still be had for crazy prices used.

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yeah I guess you're right... i could be a closet basshead XD


thing is those Vmoda seem like a good deal as my cost+shipping comes to around ~240$ for me... AND Im thinking I can squeeze in a fiio11 amp as well... even tho  i know the vmodas wont strictly benefit from them but I guess its a good future investment no?

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Further to above, I was looking thru some reviews of the dt880s and found theyre open back... how much sound do they leak? remember its winter season so the noise will carry far out in my home :)

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bro you should have made the title as "basshead needs help" or something as you only got one reply...there is a tactic to attracting more replies:D... bass needs to be in the title:p... there are tons of threads on it and just type "bass" in the search and you will have plenty of stuff to read... as i told you before... have a look at audio technica pro700mk2 and m-audio q40 aswell... maybe ultrasone stuff too

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hmm yeah lets bring that pm discussion over here for everyones benefit lol 


Sony xbs are outta the question coz I know I will tire of the incessant thudding, and after evaluating your other given options, Im guessing I'll prolly flip a coin between the LP2s or AT700mk2s. 


Also if theres room for squeezing a fiio 11 in my 350$ budget I might do that as well..

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Yes it is in your budget to include an e11 with them, although i think a proper desktop amp should be better like a cheap fiio e9. E11 cannot be charged while playing so that is a problem and ofcourse if you buy a desktop amp, future upgrades would be easier if you ever like a "harder to drive" headphone. The thing is that it is said that the lp2's bass is muddier than that of the pro700mk2... so i would go for audio technica.

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