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Denon d1100 upgrade help

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I bought my forts pair of decent headphones about 2 years ago (Denon d1100) and a PA2V2. While I like these, I'm looking to upgrade. I use an iPhone 5 as my source.
I listen to metal, rock and even some more mellow music. And I do want some bass. But what I think I really want is som soundstage as well. Will use them at home and in my home garage. I'm thinking if possibly getting an open air set this time. Also may upgrade my amp and maybe a DAC if that will help.
Budget is maybe around $250-350 for the headphones. Here's the list I have come up with so far.
Phillips x1
Beyerdynamic 880/990
Ultrasound 580,750, 900
Hifiman He 400

I know these aren't all open air. Any thoughts suggestions?
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