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Which headphone to get? HD800 or T1?

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I currently have the following headphones.
Ultrasone Pro 2900
Fidelio X1
Beoplay H6

I am considering to add a flagship class headphone to make my collection more versatile. Should I get HD800, T1 or others? I need some advice. Thanks.
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I find the HD800 easier to drive, more energetic, and more neutrals sounding.  The HD800 especially modded is one of the if not the best headphone I have heard excluding the esoteric STAX SR-009.


Mod info here:


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Maybe it was just the setup that I was listening to, but I personally enjoyed the T1 more than the HD800 when I listened to both at the Socal Head-fi meet this summer.  The T1 was on a Bifrost/Valhalla combo, and the HD800 were on a Mjolnir/Gungnir combo.  The HD800 were definitely impressive, but I felt that they were a bit TOO clean and analytical to the point where they sounded very sterile.  The T1 sounded much more balanced/smooth and to my ears, more enjoyable and less fatiguing.  Again, this might've been because of the Valhalla, but I definitely left the meet feeling "meh" about the HD800, and blown away by the T1.

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I think the most important things to know here is what kind of music you enjoy the most. From there we can give you the best recommendation.


If you are mainly into classical, opera, ambient electronic and other large soundstage/precision genres you will want to go with the HD800. The T1 would by my choice over it for Rock, Metal, Pop and other contemporary styles. I mainly say this as the HD800's are very revealing of a lot of more aggressively mastered recordings while the T1 is less so while still being enjoyable. I find the HD800 to have a more refined but less exciting sound ultimately - but perfect for very complex classical due to its unmatchable precision. I have heard the HD800 with the V800/200 combo.


The HD800 is slightly brighter than the T1, but is not aggressive at all. The T1 lacks some of the speed and clarity of the HD800 due to cups resonance and If I recall correctly slower speed. For me the T1 does with well with most genres, and I don't find them too offensive for average/poor recordings of Rock like the HD800 were.



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In all honesty, it depends how much you're planning on investing in an amp/DAC. If you're on a budget, I'd go with the T1s/Schiit Valhalla/Bifrost. For the HD800s, they are very finicky/transparent of upstream gear and it's not easy on the wallet that way.


But if you're upstream rig is up to the task, the HD800s are the better headphones (to my ears and objective measurements). 

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I bought the HD800 without listening to them; haven't heard the T1.  I'm pretty happy with the senns even though I'm using a modest amplifier/DAC combo (headroom Micro Amp and Micro DAC). To me they sound etymotic like but with more impact obviously and an expansive soundstage - clinical, clean, good deep bass extension/without boominess, and a fair bit of treble sparkle.  I really think the imaging/stereo separation and soundstage in general is the strong point of the hd800.  Sounds from recordings I've listened to hundreds of times can be pinpointed in a precise way that I haven't managed to experience with other setups, neither full sized loudspeaker or headphone.  As I've said before, they make all my other headphones except the Etymotic ER4 sound muddy by comparison.  

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My Amp/DAC combo are Teac HA-501 and North Star Design Impulso. Are they good enough for flagship headphones?
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Originally Posted by mrenvy View Post

My Amp/DAC combo are Teac HA-501 and North Star Design Impulso. Are they good enough for flagship headphones?

I would say T1 more fit your combo than HD800 since T1 is easier to drive IMO.

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