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Superlux HD 681 EVO vs Koss UR55

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Hi everybody! Hi doctor nick!


I was looking to get a pair of open/semi open headphones-


I was looking at the plain superlux 681's but then found out that the EVOs were a better value in both SQ, and the velour ear-pads being included (never used velor so this isn't a major deciding factor)

So I decided against the regular 681 for this reason-


Sense they are both open, which one has better Sound quality, sound stage, and maybe comfort?

I honestly don't care too much about the build because I tend to be a bit careful with stuff.


Thanks a bunch!

(Note: I'm 100% derp and I have yet to hear headphones of any quality so I will be easy to impress when it comes to anythings)


(Maor Note: I will be getting 3 other headphones with these for variation: JVC HA-RX300, JVC Flats, and the  Sennheiser HD419 all under $30 as I would prefer to have a few good cheap ones than one expensive one I may be disappointed with.)

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I edited as I realized that there quite a bit wrong with my post, lol


anyone have any recommendations? that would be greatly appreciated!

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are these two too different to compare?


I'm a bit stuck here guys :confused_face_2: 


I'll beg and plead if you ask- :D

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okay nevermind :frown: 

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Hey JeremyB796,

 Get the Superlux cans. You will enjoy them a lot! I have many(12+) headphones, including some quite accomplished cans(Senn. HD650, AKG 701..etc.) but I still enjoy listening to the Superlux cans and use them in the office to listen to internet radio and enjoy them. They are GREAT value and have quite decent sound, so, buy them and enjoy!


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:blink: Thank you replying!

I was just about to buy the UR55s!


I noticed that everyone likes the Superlux headphones, IO read once that the UR55s sounded better modded

(I love breaking stuff :wink_face:)


What do you live about them? and do you have the 681 or the 681 EVOs?

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I have the EVO's. Love the laid back sound. Can listen to them all day with no ear fatigue.

Buy them and enjoy!


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okay, thank you!


I am hoping to hear another persons opinion to make sure though-

I've read that a lot of people don't like them-


Was yours a recent purchase, and did it come with the velor pads that seem to be talked about?

How is the sound stage with these (being semi-open) I haven't heard a wide sound stage before so I am looking forward to an open headphone-


Laid back you say? :bigsmile_face:

I love headphones that sound like that! (assuming we have the same definition of laid back :wink:)

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OH! and are they easy to drive? I am getting a tablet so I can draw and enjoy audio in one go- I work better with music :P


This might be the headphones I dreamed of!

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Mine were a recent purchase(about 3 months ago) and they came with the velour pads which I put on immediately as it gets very hot here in Australia and I find the plastic pads very hot and cause me to sweat.

Soundstage is not too bad but keep in mind they are no HD650's as they are not a true open back headphone but I don't find them lacking in this regard. I just put them on and enjoy the music! After all, isn't that what this is all about? Enjoying the music?  Just put them on and enjoy the music! Sometimes we over analyze the whole process and forget to just enjoy the music. These cans let you just enjoy the music and that's what I like about them.

Are they easy to drive? I don't know as I use them at work through my computer and an in-line DAC but the specs seem to suggest that they would be easy to drive.

Just buy them and enjoy them, if you don't like them you can always sell them but I suspect you will enjoy them. They offer a fantastic sound quality for the money.


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Thank you Swannie007, This has helped me a great amount!


I hope you have a nice night-

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Thank you. You are most welcome.
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