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Hi all,


New poster here with a quick query. I have been through a number of different IEM headphones now, started back in the day with the CX300's, have since tried Monster Turbines (the lowest level set), Beats Tours, Sol Republic Amp HD's, and another Sennheiser CX... I think the 870's. 


The Turbines had the best sound I had every heard, they blew my mind, but I found I couldn't get them to last more than 2-3 months without something going wrong on them, went through 3 sets before I gave in and got my money back. From there I tried the Beats which I found to be largely disappointing in comparison and also broke fairly quickly, returned those and got the CX870's which I was happy with for a long time, but never felt they had the same level of sound quality as the Turbines. 


When those eventually caved in I got a pair of Sol Republic Amp HD's... cant say I'm at all pleased with these, the sound is ok (very beats like) but the fit/cable is annoying. 


I had been looking around for a new set to try and came across the CX985s, what immediately sparked my interest was one reviewer comparing them to Turbines and saying they had a similar if not better sound. Having done a fair bit of research I had all but settled on the CX985s when I came across the CX890i. The CX985's are available for $120 while the CX890i's are available for $80 (amazon), would anyone be able to tell me what the difference really is between these two and why one should pay $40 more for the CX985s? They appear to have come out at the roughly the same time and yet so far as I can tell inhabit the same ground within Sennheiser's total product range. In my hunt for Turbine equivalent sound are either them perhaps what I am looking for? 


Thanks for your help.