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I'm new here so sorry if I made some mistakes.


Anyway, today I searched the whole day for some good headphones. In the end, I met the Soul headphones.


I've seen them in a shop nearby before, but I don't know if it's good enough.


At the moment, I have the G-Cube G-Pop II and I can say only one thing, freakin' amazing.


I know this sounds crazy but it's true. A few weeks after I bought them, I tried the Wesc headphones. Not sure which one, but it was not better than my G-Cube. A DJ adviced me the Pioneer headphones, but again, they were worse.


So before I'm going to buy the Soul ones(not sure which one it is), I need to know if it's better than the G-Cube.


Normally it is, but if a low-budget headphone can outclass a 60 euros one..


So I would like to hear some advice from people that own or owned a Soul.


Thanks in advance.