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For Sale:
4' Hifiman Cable With a 1/8th / 3.5mm Adapter

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Cable is covered in black paracord.  The "Y" split is neatly done and virtually free from any imperfections.  The SMC connectors are secured to the cable with silver-bearing solder.  The wire connection is then crimped onto the cable.  Paracord is secured and bonded to the connectors before heat shrink tube is applied.  Red / Blue (small pieces) of shrink tube are applied to the "L" and "R" connectors to designate the Left from the Right.  This particular cable has a Neutrik / Rean mini connector that is black in color, with gold contacts.


My price includes shipping.


Reason for sale: I no longer have a pair of HifiMan headphones in my inventory, so a few of my extra cables that were created for many of my variations, are no longer needed.  This cable was not used - outside of just the basic testing that was performed following the build process.