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For Sale:
Zana Duex, original prototype

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is the original prototype Eddie Current "Zana Duex". I am the original and only owner of this amp. It was made for me by the masterful Craig Utas. The amp has many air miles on it as while it was being developed Craig would sent ti to me to listen to and give feedback or voice if you will. I would then send it back to Craig to do the engineering changes and then he would send it back again and so forth. It traveled many times from California to Cincinnati and back before I heard the sound I was looking for. The prototype is built differently than the mass produced models. Many custom high end capacitors for example.

Medical cost exceed my ability to justify having such a luxury item so it must go. I will welcome the needed cash. Make me an offer. No low-balling and low-balling will be ignored. Continental US as the shipping costs will be outrageous due to weight. And if you call in the next ten minutes I will through in a total of six 6B33 Russian NOS military grade tubes and four nos 6SN7 tubes. Cash in person or certified bank check. No paypal.

I will accept a Fiio dac/amp combo and or high end earphone as a partial trade plus cash. Must be in excellent condition.







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