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Hello folks


2 Years ago I started my Headphone journey It started rather usual: I heard a track on a friends iPod trough Bose QC on ears, I was so impressed (and overwhelmed by the price) that I started my search in the Internet for something that suited me better...smaller, cheaper etc..

I listened to some Jazz,some Rock, but mostly electronic (bassy, not dubstep :) ) Music. I decided for not bassy IEMs Shure SE425, because the electronic Tracks had already much bass and I didn't thought that this IEM would somehow hide them. And when listening to Jazz I didn't want to hear what isn't supposed to be there...


I was really happy buying them, knowing that one day I'll upgrade... ( Its just like drinking wine I think, when you start to appreciate it, jumping directly to a 300$ wine isn't wise. You won't recognize what makes this wine special. But if you upgrade in time, you will learn to appreciate the difference in the detail). I liked the Shure SE425, sometimes the highs were to much for my taste. I think mostly when a singer sang a "s" it hurt in my ear... But the Bass wasn't good enough. I'm no specialist, but it was enough bass there, I just didn't liked how it sounded. I dont want more bass quantity, but pushier nicer bass.


So I pledged for the Geek Out (USB DAC/AMP) on Kickstarter, the Super Geek. It has 720 mW Output power. I bought it thinking that the IEMs could profit from it. In the past 2 years I didn't read nothing about HP-amps, DACs, impedance or anything in this category.


Now I heard that this Geek is a overkill for my IEMs and I should buy some more serious Headphones.... if its true or not, I really want some new HPhones. I read now a lot, 2 weeks every day a bit, and well, of course I'm confused :)


I want Full size Over Ear Headphones, open or closed, I dont really care.

They should be for home use, but I see myself taking them outside also. And the thing that open  HPs wont isolate or leak don't bother me much. For isolation I got the IEMs.


So I want Headphones that profit from amping or even need amping.

Price range I would say is up to 650$, can be also less...(or second hand)


They don't need to be the best looking ones, but shouldn't look too funny like the 3d printed alpha dogs (fat earpad).


Still listen to electronic music (techno, prog psy trance, drum n bass), jazz and rock, accoustic music (flamenco, blues, solo guitar arrangements...)sometimes classic


I thought about one of these:


Sennheiser HD 598, HD 600, HD 650, HD 700, Momentum (but without the mic since I use android)  (I read here somewhere that the 650 is better off with classical airy music...)

Beyerdynamic  Custom One Pro, DT 770

AKG K550, K702,K701

HIFIMAN HE-300, HE-400

Some Shure, I'm not sure...dont remember all the models I've seen///


Im sure that these are all very different Headphones, also in sound signature and also in Price...

What do you think, after being used to Shure SE425, but wanting something more interesting, something I can walk around with, something I can listen at home, something that delivers good sound for its price.... Need some help :), cant buy them all at one hehe