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For Sale:
FS: CTH (Cavalli Triode Hybrid) amplifier, price reduced!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my trusty CTH, built by sachu. Second owner. This is a very versatile amp that accepts dozens of tubes in the 6DJ8 and 12AU7 families. The two switches on the back are power and heater voltage (6.3/12.6v). Because it's a tube/fet hybrid, this has enough power to authoritatively drive many planars, such as Mad Dogs, Alpha Dogs, LCD-2, HE500, etc. You can tune the sound with different tubes, and I will include a handful of NOS 12AU7 and 6DJ8 types for you to play with. The vintage chicken head volume knob is included :) Asking $200 $190. Shipping included, PayPal is not, unless you pay as gift. Ask questions. Thanks!

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