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For Sale:
D5000 or D2000 both with Martin Custom cups

Will Ship To: CONUS

Pics are D2000 on left, D5000 on right.

One, and one only of these beauties is going to be sold to a new owner.

D5000 - has Brazilian Rosewood cups done by Martin Custom Audio. Gorgeous, great sounding phones with Alpha pads and the HD650 headband comfort mod. Super sound, comfort and looks for $650. Pics don't do this justice.

D2000 - has COCOBOLO Rosewood cups from Martin as well. Much deeper than stock, this headphone has Lawton mods on the driver but not in the cups as it doesn't need it. Great, clean and deep bass. Has Alpha pads and the HD650 headband comfort mod as well. Super comfort, sound and amazing looks for $500. As with its big bro, pictures do not do justice to the amazing craftsmanship of these cups. The cable was shortened on this one by Martin to about 6' and all hardware was checked and tightened a month ago.

Not a thing I'd do different with the build of these two, they represent what is so right about Denon in the Fostex built days. I'm working on a project and need to free up cash, and will sell only one of these. Which museum piece will you own? I love them both.

Paypal fees are negotiable - a way around them is to use gift, and shipping is included so the cost should be the price of the headphone. Simple.

CONUS only, no international.
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