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Kaiser 10 vs 8C

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Hi everyone, I've decided to choose Noble Audio over UM Merlin, which was my first choice. This will be my first pair of CIEMs.


I originally chose Merlins for just the bass, but I'm having trouble choosing Noble 8C or Kaiser 10.


Besides just listening to music, I'll be using this to replace everything I have which includes:
- Movies

- Shows

- Video Gaming

- On the go commute in NYC

- Riding my motorcycle / driving the car



I'm looking for one pair of CIEMs for all of this. I read all the reviews regarding 8C and Kaiser 10. I'm just wondering which will be better for me, since I can't afford both and I can't demo these two, sadly. :) Thanks in advance.

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If you have the intention of using your ciems while commuting, the extra bass of the 8c is more than welcomed. And the bass is not encroaching on the details.
On the other hand, the k10 ( so I've heard) have also quite impactful bass, but are more on the neutral side of things.
It's up to you. If you have any questions on the 8c, feel free to ask.
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