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For Sale:
IC: Meier Corda Concerto (extremely good price for a quick sale! shipped!)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Interest check on my silver-coloured Meier Corda Concerto which is in fully working condition and very good state visually. Images available for those seriously interested... Awesome pricing considering the fact that it's basically the same amp as Meier Classic!


List of features of this awesome AMP:


1) 1/4 headphone out w/ implemented Active balanced ground driving technology (balanced driving without the need to reterminate headphones to balanced). Also be aware that Meier's implementation is working for BOTH 3-wire and 4-wire headphones (which is awesome, of course)!


2) A gain switch (set to low and high gain modes but internally adjustable to medium and high if wanted). Though the amp has plenty of power for any headphone excluding K1000, HE-6 or similar beasts.


3) Meier's crossfeed circuit. it works well to decrease listening fatigue.


4) Extremely quiet and clean amplification... Very black background and zero issues even with very sensitive IEMs. Btw, one of the best amplifiers for IEMs due to the blackness and Active balanced ground technology.


Operates in both 110v/220v.

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