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Hello audio gurus,


As the title says I am looking for a pair of headphones and possible an amp with a budget of £150 - £200. I have looked around the forum for countless hours and have a good idea of the headphones I like but I am not sure if they will be perfect for my needs. 


To better understand my needs here is where and what I will be using them for. 



I will be using these mainly for home use, but I do want them to be portable as well for when I'm walking, travelling and taking them to work. The majority of listening will be dome at home though, about 80%.



I have never had a high quality pair of headphones but have always wanted to. I don't know why have not brought a decent pair before but now that is about to change. For this reason I am sure that anything I buy will sound incredible. :). I love listening to music for various reasons but don't do it enough, I hoping that the right headphones will change that. 


What ill be listening to

Like many others I enjoy listening to various genres of music, I think it is easiest if I list the genres then specific artist that i listen to the most, so here they are:


- Alternative (Coldplay, Alt-j, James Blake, Alicia Keys)

- R&b (Mainly old school)

- Rap (Drake, Kanye West)

- House (Chris Malinchak, Jai Paul, Disclosure)


Other artist i listen to 


- Amy Winehouse

- The xx

- Jamie Woon

- Kalvin Harris

- Lupe Fiasco

- Justin Timberlake



Listed above are a few examples of the artist I listen to the most at the moment but I do have an open mind when it comes to music so I don't what to limit myself to a certain genre. The headphones will be solely used for listening to music, nothing else. 


Other Needs/thoughts

 - Although I will be using these in the house most of the time I don't want to have sound leakage. I will be listening when other are around and I don't want to disturb them. Also when I travel I want to be considerate. 


- I like to listen loud and get lost in the music!


- I would like over ear headphones.


- I will be listening through my android htc one x phone most of the time using spotify premium. My favourite music will listen to in flac format through my phone.



My thoughts/ research

I have been looking around for a while now and initially wanted to get the hd598's but after reading lots of post I am unsure if they will be best for my needs. The lack of bass is something that would annoy me as I do listen to a lot of bassy music. (I tried a pair of beats yesterday and I was not that impressed, to much bass maybe ... I am unsure but I wasn't keen).  I have not looked at amps but I would be happy to purchase one if it gives me what I want :).


So the headphones i currently like at the AKG 550's but my mind changes every couple of days. 


So my question to you gurus is what do you think would be best for me? AMP + headphone combination, Full budget on headphones. 


All help is appreciated, I look forward to your replies.