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For Sale:
IC: Meier Corda StageDAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Interest check on my black-coloured Meier Corda StageDAC which is in fully working condition and very good state visually. Images available for those seriously interested...


List of features of this awesome DAC:


1) 9 combinations of DAC filters+oversampling = you can customise the DAC's performance to suit your needs (smoother vs precise, more intimate vs expansive soundstaging, more sharp or more relaxed imaging etc.)


2) Great crossfeed circuits with many options how to customise: Delay switch, Intensity switch, Headphones/Speaker mode.


3) Tonal balance switch (for compensating the crossfeed effect if wanted) which can also function as a very good analog bass EQ.


4) USB (up to 16/48), optical (24/192) and 2 coaxial inputs (24/192) - including switch to choose from them


5) One pair of RCA fixed outputs (2vrms), one pair of RCA preamp outputs (0-2vrms). The preamp output can be disabled if you want internally.


Operates in both 110v/220v. Price does not include shipping and fees.



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