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Originally Posted by wje View Post

I'll have to look into some other options, but here is what I have at the moment.  It's solid.  It has a tighter weave so it's a bit harder to look into the cups and see all of the details.  Plus, the Padauk cups had been refinished a few times and I believe I've found a wonderful color for my use which features a gentle satin finish over the exterior wooden surfaces of the cups.


More work this weekend will have building a cable and then finishing this pair off.



Can't wait to see how they turn out.

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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

i had this problem one time with a grado driver and finally used my vacuum cleaner to really suck the complete membrane in one direction and vise versa (until the driver worked again and the membrane was in its original shape) by holding the flexible tube of the vaccum cleaner in my hand and moving the driver nearer and nearer until i saw the membrane completely moving. BUT avoid to completely touch the driver with the flexible tube not to damage the membrane. this really worked!

I was able to achieve the same thing on a pair of Sennheisers a while back, but used my lungs as the "vacuum".

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Slowly, I've been working towards the completion of a few more pair of the hybrids.  The cup pictures for my other pair of Padauk cups with the tighter mesh was shared a few nights back.  That pair has advanced further along and the cable is set and the ear cups are ready to accept the drivers as soon as the connections have been soldered.  Soon!


Plus, I had another pair of the Padauk cups where I was really working to get a somewhat darker finish on the wood and take away some of the orange tint.  The first time through, I felt that I might have over done it a slight bit.  I then removed half of the stain finish and tried for somewhat consistency.  Then, this pair was sprayed with a few coats of satin poly.  I've noticed when spraying satin poly, one should take a balled up paper towel and place it inside the cups so that the poly doesn't get applied to the inside walls of the cup.  It seems to do an adequate job in this regard.  Overall, I was happy where the tone of the finish ended up.  Previously, I had been using the brush-on version of the satin poly and I've found it to be somewhat temperamental where there can be times when the finish will appear more like a semi-gloss finish as opposed to the desired satin.  The Minwax satin spray for me has been solid, yet consistent in the delivery of the product and when dry they appear just as intended - with a satin finish which is pleasing and not too much bling from too much gloss.


In the picture of these cups below, I applied the newer tighter mesh that I had mentioned some posts back.  I've been really happy with the material.  It's solid, excellent to work with and has quite a nice look when the job has been finished.


Another shot of the Padauk cups but with a bit more light to reflect their true color. Plus the ability to see the finer mesh that I've bee using.

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Really nice looking pair. I think I like the look of this mesh more.

Still waiting for my wooden cups, px100ii drivers waiting.

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Originally Posted by morph2k4 View Post

Finally got my new PX-100ii to replace my blown out drivers.  Here's some eye candy!

how're you finding the sound?
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