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I bought the BE around two months ago, just to have it come with a broken cable. So I returned it, waiting an entire month just to get a new one (which came without half the tips, mind you, which I have been waiting for 2 weeks now). Sadly, I am experiencing driver flex with this new pair and am wondering whether I should send it back (probably going to take another month ...this is getting exhausting) or if you have any innovative ways to prevent it. I want to know whether it will hurt the dynamic driver in the BE if there is driver flex. Also, how will driver flex impact the sound quality? IT hasn't impacted it at all till now, and both drivers still sound good -- the music sounds centralized, detailed, and one doesn't overpower the other.



P.S. I bought it through Amazon from gateshop -- I really should have bought it from Lendmeurears as their service seems to be stellar, and have a huge price cut right now. Regardless, I don't recommend buying it from amazon -- the service really is terrible.