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For Sale: FS: Woo Audio WES

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For Sale:
FS: Woo Audio WES

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi, for sale is my very well cared for WES electrostatic amplifier.  It was purchased in July, 2010 and I'm the original and only owner.  I ordered it maxxed at the time with the Parts upgrade 1 and 2 (VCap inter-stage and output coupling caps).  My purchase price was ($4990+1280+380 upgrades, or $6650).  I really hate to see this go, but we live in a NYC apartment, have way too much gear around here, not enough rack space, and am trying to slim down equipment (and have gone to the dark side over the past year or so and am spending most of my time listening to my electrostatic speaker-based vinyl system that I've built up).  I really love this amp and was able to tube roll to match headphones well.  This is my favorite amp for my HE90 headphones bar none (was using Mullard XF2s and rectifiers and Adzam's in the back to tune to the HE90's which needed a lift in the bass and lower mid range), also a nice rich sound with the Stax 007/009's.  I'm including just the tubes that came with the unit (Svet EL34's, Russian rectifiers, RCA 6SN7's) - these tubes have no hours on them so as-new.   I also purchased Woo's suggested upgraded tubes which should be an excellent clean/neutral match for the Stax headphones: (1) Shugang 50 Years Treasure 6CA7, and (2) Full Music 6SL7.  These are tubes which I have not put any hours on as I was tuning to the HE90's, and they're pictured below and can sell them at a healthy discount if there's interest.  In terms of condition, the amp is in absolutely excellent shape as shown by the pictures.  There are some marks on the bottom of the amp from using non-OEM isolation feet, but these are not noticeable of course when in use.  If I had an additional room and rack space, I would categorically hold on to this amp as I love switching between this and the BHSE with different headphones for variety, my two favorite stat amps.  I own/have owned and have tried or tested just about every other stat amp on the market.  Since purchasing this amp, my understanding is that Woo Audio has a "mk. II" chokes update (which I've read can be quickly done at Woo).


Priced really well, and IMO a fantastic value for someone to enjoy electrostatic headphones whether first time or upgrading. Price includes paypal fees, excludes shipping to continental U.S.  Included is everything in original boxes (very well packaged), and have checked everything against the packaging checklist.  Stock tubes included with the amp.  Just to mention again, the new Shugang and Sophia tubes are available for sale separately.


Please PM with any questions.


Thank you!

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PM sent.



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Hi - thank you to everyone for the interest in the amplifier.  Sale is pending subject to payment tomorrow from the first offer that had come in.  Will confirm status again tomorrow.

Kindest regards

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Come late!!!
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Thank you, amp is sold

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