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For Sale:
IE8/IE80 Piccolino + Nobelle Hybrid Cable

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my DIY Piccolino/Nobelle Hybrid cable for the Sennheiser IE8/IE80...


I purchased it from the previous owner here, and more info/impressions/etc about the cable can be found here (from the original DIY maker of the hybrid cable).


I received it from the previous seller about a week ago; I'm selling it only because I've decided to get the IE800s instead of more upgrade cables for my IE80s. The cable sounds very nice; a lot of impact and the presentation has a ton of depth overall (compared to the stock cable.) The cable is very flexible and durable. 43in length approx.


Complete picture set can be found in the previous listing (here); the cable has been barely used after I received it from the previous owner and should be in the same condition as the pictures.


Asking $120 shipped in the US.

$115 + cost of shipping anywhere else. Paypal gift or cover the fees please, thanks.


Feel free to send a PM.

Thanks for looking! :)


*Also just to clarify: the sale is for the blue/silver colored Piccolino/Nobelle DIY hybrid cable only.

Stock IE80 cable in photos are only for reference purposes.



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