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~40hz bookshelf/desktop speakers under $200

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Trying to find a pair of bookshelf speakers that I can use with my desktop that will produce a little sub-bass. The bigger they are the better (up to 2.5 feet tall). I have tons of room on my desk and I personally like the bigger speakers. I don't want to get involved with a 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1 setup. I've used them before and when you split up the frequency and have them projected at all different angles it just doesn't sound right.  

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    It's just my first post on this forum. I was just reading two reviews of Audioengine 2 and Emotiva Pro Airmotiv4 pc speakers when I thought I should write a review of the speakers I had found by accident. I am going to do that soon and publish it on the forum, but in the meantime I came across your post, so you'll be the first I am going to recommend them to.

    You will be surprised by my recommendation, I guess. The speakers are called Microlab FC330 (2.1 PC system -  I know, you said you were not interested but... ). To start with, they are not as big as you would expect but they are rated 35-2kHz. I've never measured that but only because I've never thought there was anything missing (and I am a bass player, btw). Now soundwise, the only word that comes to mind is ... stunning. They have everything I've read about about high end sound, much of which I did't believe was possible... until i heard them for the first time (and they do not even aspire into hi-end league): clarity and detail to die for, huge soundtage - much wider and higher than the distance between them, three dimmensionality, stable instrument/vocal location you name it, it's all there. To give you some idea, when I bought them I stopped listenig to my stereo for a couple of days and went through tens of mp3/flac albums before I turned my cd player again. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. You can easily hear differences between the way the same instrument is recorded on various albums, sometimes it is even possible to tell that a given instrument was recorded in a different room (different acoustics) then the rest of the band, for example a guitar in My One and Only Love by Chris Botti's album To Love Again. Once I was listening to a an album I had not heard before by Prince. At some point what suprised me was a sound of an ambulance outside my window (and I live in a very quiet area), so I paused the recordingto check what was happening but it turned out it was a part of the recording, somewhere in the background (spooky). Anyway, sorry for this long description, but I just couldn't help but recommend them. They also look very good (not piano gloss like Audioengine, but still not plasticky like most PC speakers) And the cherry on the cake: they cost me £40 (incl. delivery) brand new :)


PS I do not know if this will tell you much, however let me tell you what I use for listening to music from CD's. Hopefully it'll give you some idea of what class of sound the little beauties represent. CD playback: Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD (despite being a bluray player I think it betters 851c), Amp: Red Wine Audio Sign. 30.2 and Speakers: Castle Acoustics (Durham and Trent 2).


PS2 Hope it'll help you more than confuse you in your search, but at this price you can't go wrong, right?

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I own a pair of BIC America FH-65B, they are rated at 40-23000Hz.

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What is your budget? The best option for you might be studio monitors. The previous KRK Rokit 6 G2 should be within your budget if purchased used..

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