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Help choosing high-end IEMs

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Hi all,


I'm looking to upgrade myself to a high end IEMs,  and would like to get your opinions. This would my first pair of IEMs of the highest quality and therefore it's important for me to make a wise  choice that would fit my needs. I'm not fixed on getting custom or universal IEMs nor on any specific brand. I'll start with providing some information.


1.  My current IEMs are UE's TF10s with a pure silver upgrade cable by Chris Himself (which is less than a week old as I just got it). In general I really love the TF10s and their sound signature. I've owned a pair of Sennheiser CX300 prior to having the TF10s, and I just couldn't stand them.

2. Details, separation and clarity are very important to me. I'm kinda new to the world of high end equipment and am unfamiliar with some of the terms commonly used in the discussions here :). However, the properties of the TF10's sound signature enhanced, is pretty much what I'm looking for. Moreover, I like bass but it must be well controlled.

3. My current DAP (which I'll eventually upgrade as well) is the Cowon J3. I've been thinking to upgrade it to the AK120, but decided to go for an IEM upgrade first. So the J3 will stay a while longer.

4. I mostly listen to rock (starting from classical such as the Beatles and Queen up to alternative such as Pink Floyd, Archive and Radiohead, including Mr. Bungle, Tool, Mars Volta, Les Claypool,  etc.). I also listen to some Gorillaz (alternative hip-hop) and grunge.

5. I intend to use the IEMs while riding a bicycle and training at the jim. I'll do so with caution of course but it is important for me to note that the use won't be static. I guess this is relevant to the question of custom vs universal.

6. I've read some reviews on the 1Plus2 and the TG334 from the universal angle (the 1Plus2 sound much better to me) and on the JH16 and merelin/miracle from the custom.


With all that said,  my questions are the following:
1. Costum or universal and why? 
2. Which specific kind and why? 
3. It kinda bothers me to get high end IEMs just a week after upgrading the TF10s with the PS Chris Himself cable since it feels as if buying the cable turned out to be a waste. Any suggestions what should I do with it?


Thank you guys so much in advance for the help.


All the best

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☞ STOP! Post your questions, "Help!", "Recommendations", "Looking for..." threads in the Help & Recommendations Forum not here.

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Ohh sorry... I didn't know this wasn't the right place. I'll move it there right away.
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