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AKG k550 vs K240 mk2 ?

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Hi, could you compare these two specially in timber, naturality and bass ?

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K240 is aimed for the professional market, for sound enginneers, to analyse and not to please. Simply, not aimed for enjoying music at home. 

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I like k240's timber, but do you think k550 is really better? (for listening to music but with obsessive ears)

What are differences?

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I am not familiar with k550. K240 (DF) modell I have, but I rarely use it. Correct, but simply not fun. I had before K501, one of the best AKG, but I did not like it for the same reason. Sennheiser hd 650 or an old stax is for enjoyment and for music-lover ears. Or at least for my ears.  

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ok how is  k551 instead of k550?  some people recommend it to me, but i don't have any imagination about it

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