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For Sale: Denon D2000 in awesome shape!

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For Sale:
Denon D2000 in awesome shape!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Excuse the length and fact that I can't upload photos, I'm posting this from my phone.

Either way, I recently bought a pair of D2k's and they're awesome, and I freaking love them to be honest. I just can't be happy with how many headphones I have right now, when I compare it to the size of my bank account. My Denons are the most valuable pair I have right now, so they're the first to go I think. Also have Sony MA900's and Aiaiai TMA Studios, so if you're interested in either or multiple I may consider parting ways. I'd just like to have a bit more money right now, plain and simple. The Denons are the absolute least fatiguing headphones (in both sound and comfort) I've ever owned; I've had Beyers, Hifiman, multiple Sony's, AKG's. I'd be happy to answer any questions or send any photos to interested individuals!
Maybe hear from some of you soon!
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Did you buy D2000 new or used? Any problems with it?
Do you have pics of your headphones?
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I got them used here on Headfi a few months back. Zero issues, no blemishes that I see, and I can take and send photos if you contact me in email or text. Feel free to PM me for my number for email.
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Total cost shipped to Canada?

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PM Sent

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