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Hello Everyone! I am Andy, from Indonesia. It's a pleasure to finally able to post something on this awesome website! Excuse the cheesy introduction part, i am really no good at communication skills. English is not my first language, so please also excuse any weird errors in my sentences. Thanks

I had just recently purchased an SE 535LE, the red one, to replace my SM3v2 which decided to take a dump. After burning the 535 for around 60 hours, I started to do normal listening everyday. But to my surprises, the 535 sounds more pitchy than SM3v2, making vocal reproduction on the higher part sometimes unbearable. Is this normal with 535? I am currently using Cowon X7 -> Vermouth Black Pearl Mini to Mini - PA2v2 - SE 535LE.

I am planning to upgrade my amp to Corda Quickstep, in the hope that the amp may be able to solve this maddening problem. Despite Jan's exceptional customer service and empathy, he is still a seller and need to push his sales. I am looking for a more unbiased opinions. Any help guys? I am willing to change any of my rigs, ,except the Shure, love the sound signature.

I mainly listen to Jazz, Swing, Blues, Soul, R&B, Classical and some Pop. Any suggestions will be really appreciated. Thank you so much!