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HD-25 II vs M-80?

Poll Results: HD-25 II or V-Moda M80/V80

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I'm looking for a comfortable portable headphone. I have a pair of sennheiser iems which went through the wash (silly me, still work though!); they hurt my ears after an hour or two and theres a lot of cable noise, but I really like the sennheiser sound. I've looked at the tma-1, t50p, dt1350 as well, but i narrowed it down to the sennheiser and v-modas. I listen to hard, progressive, and soft electronic music as well as some alternative like Animal Kingdom. I've read a lot of different threads and reviews on the sound, and I'm think both would satisfy me. I'm leaning slightly towards the sennheisers because they're less flashy, but I'm not sure how comfortable the clamp and agressive-er sound would be after a couple hours or so. Stores that carry these are bit far away :/. (Also I have a medium sized head). I'm a student who travels a lot and spends a lot of time in the library. What are your thoughts? Has anyone used both of these quite a bit?

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If you have a medium-sized head, then the V-Moda's might be a good deal for you.  Their packaging is top-notch, accessories - especially the case - is also top-notch, and two cable options included also seal the deal.


That said, I had to sell mine because they wouldn't even fit my head.  I've had and tried many top-tier headphones and had never experienced that in my life.  I guess I have a large head - and V-Moda told me so!  No offense, but I was sort of offended at that.  Despite the superlative reviews and reputation, if they can't build a headphone that fits the same diversity of people with which every other company seems to have no problem - AKG, Sennheiser, Grado, Sony, Koss, Fostex, Audeze, Stax, Beats!?, Marley, Denon, Beyerdynamic, Audio-Technica, and Bose!?, then what are they doing beside insulting people like me?


I mean, what's up with that?  I feel abused after purchasing a pair of M-80's.  Why do they think my head is too big, when almost no other headphone company on earth doesn't?


Sorry - just had to vent a bit ... Seriously, I have owned a pair of HD25-II for years and also have a pair of Amperiors.  Yeah, the packaging is not as great.  With the HD25-II's, you get a simple nylon bag with a drawstring.  With the Amperiors, you get nothing, nada.  Still - they hardly need it.  The HD25's are one of the toughest headphones on the market and from what little I could tell trying to fit the V-Moda's on my obviously-out-of-the-norm head, the Senns are about as good as it gets in their price range and performance envelope.  They're a legitimate classic - sort of the like the Sony MDR-V6's, only quite a step above.

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