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For Sale:
Yulong A18/D18 combo

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi guys,


So currently I'm in a bit of a bind with regards to payment of college tuition and would like to see if I can get some funds up by selling my audio gear. Everything is well taken care of and is in impeccable condition. The DAC/Amp combo is less than 6 months old and so are the headphones. I also have a custom 5-foot 4-pin balanced copper cable and a balanced monster cable from Brian at BTG audio which I can throw into the mix. Everything comes in their original boxes.


The HD800s had a minor paint chip on them, which I fixed with oil paint and now it's hardly discernable, unless viewed under scrutiny. The A18/D18 combo is mint.


If you're interested, make me an offer by PM and we can take it from there. Just please be considerate of the market value of these items - I've spent a lot of time researching this equipment and taking care of it and it's a little insulting when people try to lowball.


Thanks for your consideration!


EDIT: the HD800s are sold.

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