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No Bass Using headphones on Tv but perfect bass when using a PC sub speakers on TV or headphones on Laptop/SmartPhone.

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Straight to the point.

I played battlefield 3 on ps3. I used an old Bush 22" HDTV. When i plugged in my headphones i heard no bass when watching movies or playing games. This is when i plug my headphones in straight into the TV monitor. However when i plugged the PC speakers in with the sub there was plenty of bass. When i use these headphone on my laptop or smart phone i hear that nice amount of bass.

So ive ordered a new TV. The sound specifications for this TV is:
audio power 20W stereo
dolby digital plus
dolby digital pulse
DTS studio sound
DTS premium audio 5.1


The headphones i am using are sennheiser HD419. Specifications for these headphones are:
Frequency response (Hz): 20 - 20,000
Lead and connector: 1.4m lead with 3.5mm stereo jack plug
Nominal impedance (ohms): 32


My question is Will have that good sound quality that i experinced before using a sub or on the laptop with this TV using these headphones?

Thank you for any advice.

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Your old Tv probably had a very bad headphone jack, or so much output impedance that it reduced the bass on your headphones.

Ideally, you shouldn't be plugging in headphones to a TV's headphone jack anyways, as they're pretty sub-standard. I would at least get something like a Fiio E5 with an RCA to 3.5mm cable and connected that to the TV's audio out port (if it has an analog one).
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thanks for the response. would the rca cable come with the fiio e5 anyway. sorry I new to this. I saw people on youtube connecting the fiio to the musicplayer and the connecting the headphones into the fiio. wouldnt I do the same instead connect the fiio to the headphone slot in the tv? if not how do I kno where to connect the rca cable u speak of. is it the white and red slots? does the cable have to slots at one end? again thank you for ur help
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ok I have done a little more research and will tell you what I a trying to do. when I get my ps4 I want to play it with my headphones and recieve the best sound I can. the ps4 only support digital audio out (optical). so I have just ordered one. so I guess I need a converter and then an adapter? or do I get an adapter and then plug the headphone straight into the adapter? or do I buy a second cable which I plug into the adapter... and the plug the headphones in the second cable?

this is all so confusing
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If you want the best sound out of the PS4, then buy a dac with an optical input, as well as a headphone amp. Dunno what headphones you're using, but if you want simple and cheap, you can just try and score a used Fiio E17 which is both a dac and amp. You connected the optical out cable from the PS4 to the Fiio E17. That's it. To charge the E17, you can also hook it up via USB to the PS4. The E17 functions as a USB dac as well, if you have a computer.
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honestly thank you for helping me dude. I was about to post again but I thought I'd wait for ur reply. im understanding now that I need a dac if I want to use the digital audio out optical cable (which I'll call as DAOO for short now) for best sound and headphones. I stated the headphones specs in the first post. im using sennheiser hd419s.

that fiio is a bit out of my price range. im happy to spend £20 (which I think is around $30). if I need to I will spend up to £40 (around $65).

I was looking at a dac called Muse.

also when I was looking at a few tutorials for the fiio e17 u mentioned I had seen that it came with an adapter.


I wouldn't need this if a dac already had an DAOO slot right? If it doesn't have a DAOO, then I assume I have to buy this adapter and put the DAOO cable in the adapter and put those two in the SPIDF port in the dac?

again MadLustEnvy thanks for ur help. u alone might possibly be changing my experience of entertainment for the better.
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Save yourself the headache and get a Turtle Beach DSS from Ebay (used). It's everything you want, and comes with Dolby headphone virtual surround.


Cheap, and totally worth it.

Get that one, not the DSS2.

Once you do get it, set your PS4 to output sound to the optical out and select Dolby Digital. When watching movies, set the audio to Bitstream Mix in the settings (only whows up while watching a movie).
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I just purchased the one you sent me the link to. before I did, I had a look a review of it. this guy had the DAOO cable conected from the xbox360 to the DSSEarForce. he had the DSSEARFORCE connected also connected to the xbox via USB which I gather is to power it. and finally the headphones connected into the DSSEARFORCE. however he needed to buy an adapter for his xbox for the DAOO port.

since ps4 already has a DAOO port it would be as simple as connecting the DSSEARFORCE to the ps4 through DAOO, and USB to power it, and then obviously connect the headphones.
after adjusting the settings om the ps4, I should be sorted?

im so sorry for being so extra on this. I just want to clarify to make sure I get nothing wrong.

again thank you for your help. im confident to say that what I have explained above is correct?
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Yeah, you're golden.

The DSS has a little bit of hiss, but it's not a big issue. The addition of Dolby headphone will really improve the immersion, and give you theater like surround cues. I'd tell you to invest on better headphones, but that can come later.

If you want a taste of something good and open that works well with Dolby headphone, something as cheap as a Sportapro ($22 on Amazon), as well as a parts express headband (which won't cover the drivers like the Sportapro headband), will really do wonders.

Just snap off the drivers off the Sportapro, and use them with the parts express headband (snap off the crappy drivers off that). They snap right on.

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dude on the level. I really didnt know what to do or buy. I had such a headache trying to look for something to buy to get better sound. I tried asking so many people and they just didnt know as much. I was going to spend so much.

I know people will say thank you and u will so no worries. but honestly mate u helped me so much. and sorted me out. when im playing battlefield 4 ima do some epic kills like flying a jet into someones face and ill say that it was for MadLustEnvy. thank you so much for help dude. much love
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