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For Sale:
IC: Pair of Energy RC10 bookshelf speakers (Black Ash veneer)

Will Ship To: US

I have a pair of Energy RC10 bookshelf speakers in Black Ash veneer that are sitting in their box unused, which is a tragedy.  They are in excellent condition and only have a couple hundred hours at most on them.  Excellent speakers and a tremendous value.  It is a shame they are no longer made.


I don't really want to get rid of them, but likely will have to in the upcoming months.  For now, I am gathering interest.  If a good enough offer comes along, I will sell.  I have a Sonic Impact Super T amp for sale in a different add that paired up very nicely.  Easily filled up my apartment with beautiful music.  Happy to do a combo deal.


Please remember that these are not small and shipping will likely be near $50 with insurance for the US.  No international shipping.  Lowball offers or requests for international shipping will be politely ignored.


 If someone is interested, I can dig these out to take pictures. 

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