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Hi, due to financial constraints I am one of those people who has to make do with high fidelity at the lower end of the spectrum. Nonetheless I appreciate quality sound reproduction as much as the next discerning audiophile. I have recently bought Shure SE215 IEMs (see setup below). I used to own an Iriver and Cowon MP3 player but for now its a converged device for convenience. 


I'm pretty happy with the sound reproduction I'm getting at present and I think both devices are pretty well matched up. I've noticed there seems to be more and more bluetooth IEMs that promise decent isolation and sound quality. When I'm out and about cycling/walking the cable becomes a right pain in the a@#e. So my query is this what would people suggest would be a worthy Bluetooth replacement for my SE215s?



My current set up:

Samsung Note N7000 smartphone (soon to be upgraded)

Android App: PlayerPro

Shure SE215


On Android used to use jetAudio Plus but for the life of me the reproduction was poor and found PlayerPro outperforms it hands down. Used jetAudio on the Cowon mp3 player and loved it.


Many thanks