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The mother grubbin' struggle

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Hey guys...


Soooooo I've been haunting poor Best Buy stores around my college because I've been wanting to try out different headphones. I had the Sony MDR V55 for about a year and a half (on my 3rd pair because the 1st two cracked on the swivel). I really enjoyed having them (and my heart broke after I turned them in because I'm a Sony fangirl). I was able to exchange my headphones because I made sure to get a 2 year warranty when I first bought them; so if I decided to get a different brand, all I'd have to do is either pay a difference, or in some cases, get money back. I ended up getting the Klipsch Image One ii and was surprised at the amount of bass they released... I was also disappointed as well. The bass was very overpowering and they lacked clarity as far as the mids and his. I ended up exchanging those for (get this) SKULLCANDY CRUSHERS. WORST @$%& DECISION ON MY LIFE. HORRIBLE HEADPHONES. (ahem) THEN I decided to re exchange those for my original Klipsch's and ended up getting a new pair because they already sent my other ones somewhere else... then I got bored with those, even though I eq's my phone so the Klipsch could be bearable. I then got the Sol Republic Tracks (the V8 one). These are OKAY but they hurt my ears and I prefer over ears to on ears. For some reason, all these Best Buy stores have been slacking in the headphone dept. From what I remember, all there was for under $100 was the Sols, Klipsch, V55s, some Skullcandy, some Sennheisers (HD 229, HD 428, HD 429, HD 355s), Marshall headphones, and I think some WeSC headphones. Unfortunately the headphones in Best Buy's stores only reflect like 3% of what's on the website... so most of the "good" stuff I can't get to. I'd trade my headphones in for a gift card to buy something online... but I'm the OCD type who can't function with just earbuds for a week. I NEED over ears lol. I CAN'T DEEW ETTT!! haha


*takes breath* 

I was wondering if any of you good people have any idea as to what I should settle for for now at Best Buy? I can't go over $100 and believe me, I do LOVE my bass, but I also care for clarity. I can't pick anything that IS NOT offered thru Best Buy, since I have no extra money to dish out and I'm basically getting them for "free". Do you think I should just go back to the Sonys or keep the Sols?. Thanks everybody! :D

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I think Best Buy recently had HDJ2000's and DT770's on sale... I can't remember how much, though.

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Read up on HD280Pro, K181DJ, and KNS6400, see which one you could settle for.

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Thanks guys! I've surely seen the Pioneer HDJ 500s in stores but for some reason never checked them out. Mad Max, the only ones that are actually IN store are the HD280Pro. I;m actually not sure if they are available for demo (which is a plus in my book). From what I've just read on the 280s, they seem pretty good... I need to do more research. Thank you! 


Anyone else? Remember I can only choose headphones from Best Buy under $100. I just did a headphone search on BB and limited to a certain amount of headphone brands, such as Sony, Senn, Marshall, AKG, etc ( I honestly don't know if that'll help haha) http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olstemplatemapper.jsp?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&_dynSessConf=5941083452004831325&id=pcat17071&type=page&ks=960&st=categoryid%24pcmcat143000050011&sc=Global&cp=1&sp=-bestsellingsort+skuidsaas&qp=currentprice_facet%3DPrice~%2450+-+%2499.99%5Esoldby_facet%3DSold+By~Best+Buy%5Ebrand_facet%3DBrand~Sony%5Ebrand_facet%3DBrand~Sennheiser%5Ebrand_facet%3DBrand~Panasonic%5Ebrand_facet%3DBrand~WeSC%5Ebrand_facet%3DBrand~Audio-Technica%5Ebrand_facet%3DBrand~Marshall%5Ebrand_facet%3DBrand~Numark%5Ebrand_facet%3DSAAS~Brand~AKG&list=y&usc=All+Categories&nrp=50&fs=saas&iht=n&seeAll=%2CBrand&browsedCategory=pcmcat143000050011

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How about the UE 4000, they are around $50 right now? I read the UE 6000 was great but unfortunately they are $150 on Amazon right now so you will be paying out of pocket $50. Unless you can wait till they go on sale again for $100 or amazon has a better price.

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Hmm those UE 4000 sure look interesting. They're actually available at my Best Buy too.. thanks!

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Do you guys think the Sony MDR V55 compare to the cans you all posted? I'm currently listening to my Sols and I'm craving the clarity I had with the 55s.

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I think the AKG K181DJ is very similar to your sony's but better overall quality. They're also on ear not around ear. 

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The AKG aren't available in Best Buy stores. I don't knowif all these BBs I've been to have crappy audition headphones, but I didn't like the sound of any of the Senns at all. And unfortunately they didn't have the UE 4000 available to audition... But I ended up getting them (and got $43) back... Right now the only thing I like about them is the midrange. The bass is there but not "there". I'll give these some time to burn in... I did something really stupid tho, I should've exchanged the Sols for other $100 headphones... Because now if I want something better, I'd have to pay the balance (damn lmao). But you know what, I might keep these until X ma's, hopefully I'll have some extra trade in money so I can get something more than $150 (because I got the Best Buy 2 yr warranty). Thanks everybody !! But I'd still love more suggestions you know, lol.
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And also I put paper towels around the inside of the earcup to try to get some more bass from the UE's... Worked a tiny bit...

The paper towels and EQing worked a whole lot! I'm starting to enjoy the UE's.

Took out the paper towels a few mins ago and the headphones sound just the same as if they were in, but less muffled. Burn in is real!!!! Jesus took the wheel smily_headphones1.gif but these are still ok to me. They are listenable...
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