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For Sale or Trade: Klipsch X10 Excellent Condition

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For Sale or Trade:
Klipsch X10 Excellent Condition

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Got a pair of Klipsch X10 for sale, they haven't had much use since I recently acquired a new pair of SE215 and SM2. I don't quite have all of the original Klipsch tips, but my tip collection is large and I only use 2 pairs myself so you can have your pick of up to 3 pairs of what I've got, including most of the original Klipsch ear gels (including the double flanges), unused Comply foams of different kinds, Sony hybrids, Sennheiser dual flanges, Shure grey flex tips, etc.

Will accept some trades, don't be afraid to offer.

PRICE DROP $75 shipped to CONUS; international buyers (not traders) will pay extra for shipping.
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Price is firm at 75, I will check for the small Shure tips for you when I get home if you're still interested
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Ok, so I only have 1 of the small Shure grey flex rubber tips, but I do have a pair of small comply P-series, which IMO are the best Complys, and the small Sennheiser dual flanges. I can also throw in the medium and small Klipsch ear gels which, IME, are the best tips for the X10 (the mediums are the same size as the small Shure tips), as well as a pair of small grey soft tips that are very flexible and seal really nicely; I use the mediums of this same kind with many different earphones, they were my favorites with my former Panny HJE900s. That's 5 pairs instead of 3.


Here's a pic of what I'm proposing to send you for $75 shipped, including the small leather hard case that comes with the X10:


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I don't have the original box, just the leather case. This is not the X10i with iPhone controls, if that's what you mean by the 3 buttons.

And yes, I can ship to Toronto.
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PM sent

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WARNINGMENDO is a minor who got mommy's credit card . He purchased my Grado GR8s and I just got a call from his mom who was not pleased. I dutifully shipped earlier today so I couldn't stop transaction. I guess I'll see if further developments.

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Well that sucks. Anyone tell mods yet? He should probably be banned...
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Sorry, yes, I notified Mods.

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These are back up for sale.
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Can you include the medium klipsch ear gels?

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I accepted a trade offer earlier today; if it falls through I will let you know, and yes, I have the mediums.
Originally Posted by filipelli View Post

Can you include the medium klipsch ear gels?
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Still for sale!

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how old are these?  still available?  very interested.

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I purchased these summer last year, I believe; I sold the warranty replacement for my first set in January then picked up another pair not too long after. I can't find the PM/transaction but I remember they were basically new, all accessories and in the original box, when I got them. Unfortunately I'm not much one for holding on to boxes...

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I live in CA, am interested. PM me a offer. I can also trade if you want.

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