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Anti Loudness War Plugin (VST)

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I really REALLY hate some of the recordings of today.


Therefore I am a fan of the website http://www.dynamicrange.de/


If you dislike what the mixer has made than maybe this is a solution and it is free, but you can always donate of course.


It is called ReLife. http://www.terrywest.nl/utils.html



It is made by Terry West and he says the following.


Bring back life to a heavy clipped audiofile.
Revolutionary way to recover transients and lost peaks.


  • Bypass button.
  • Postgain (neg/pos).
  • Pre Cleaning stage.
  • Three peak restore algos.
  • In, recover and out meters.
  • Stereo & mono versions.
  • Realtime processing or offline.


I tested it in Foobar2000 and I see amazing results. The only album so far I cannot improve is Kelly Clarkson Breakaway. So it does not work always.


Hope to hear of it works out :beerchug: 

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Sounds fascinating, I need to go test this out. Although I haven't got much music where I feel I really have to apply this it's still fascinating to see what it actually does.

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