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So my current setup goes as this:


Computer ==> Native Instruments Audio2DJ ==> Lepai LP-2020A+ ==> Dayton SUB-1000 ==> Dayton B652's


For some odd reason, when i pause and play videos sometimes, the sound would get static-y.. i would have to enable the other side (A and B outputs... A on speakers, B on headphones).. wait a few seconds, then enable A again. sometimes takes a few tries to go back to normal.


Dont remember where/when i got the Audio2DJ but im lookin to see what i can replace it with? Since Black Friday is coming up, maybe can keep an eye out and see if any sales =P


USB please. preferably to have TWO 1/4" TRS (or 3.5mm) outputs like the Audio2DJ so i dont need to unplug and replug things that i need (but if thats not possible, then can ignore) 


Budget < $100 USD 



Been lookin around this thread for cheaper DACs but all of the ones ive seen are so expensive T.T 



So there is the Schiit Modi for $99 that has 2 - RCA outputs (rear), no additional for my headphones. 


Also there is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for $149 that has 2 - 1/4" TRS outputs (rear), a 1/4" TRS output (front) for headphones, and 2 - 1/4" TRS & XLR Combo inputs (front). Seems best bang for buck for what you get compared to the Schiit Modi. 


Any quality comparisons? 

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