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Hi all, I was going to ask this in a studio related forum but thought you guys are more headphone knowledgeable and this applies to every full size heaphone, I suppose.

After just about 3 years my Sony MDR-7506's earpads completely peeled off. Looking around the seems to be many reports on this from users in more recent years. Was going to buy a Beyerdynamic replacement for their 250's, which also works on the 7506 but just noticed something strange that I don't remember being this pronounced, so I'd like to clear this up first. If I press hard on the earpads against my ears the response on the lower frequencies raises a lot! I know this is probably normal as the pressure helps keep the lower frequencies in the closed space around the ears, but I don't remember it being this pronounced. Then again I don't remember trying it. But yet again, and even though our memory on sounds is short or not much precise, I think the bass response was pretty higher before.

So two questions.

1- Since this is my first serious pair of headphones, does this frequency response variation with pressure apply to all earpads on all heaphones, even if they're new ?

2- Irrespectively of 1, could this be much more pronounced in my case because of the deterioration of the fake leathery material that peeled off, that probably was blocking the frequencies out ?


One thing is for sure, I'm not gonna buy Sony's again, the cost cutting on the earpads on a "Professional" line headphone is ridiculous.. I see people with older Japan made versions (1991 etc.) that didn't have this problem.


Thank you:)