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I've been reading into speaker placement, and how it is optimal to place near-field speakers in a triangle with your ears. I now have two additional questions:


1. Is JBL LSR305 considered a near-field speaker?

2. Regardless of (1), would 55" from speaker-to-speaker/speaker-to-ear be too far of a distance for near-field speakers? I would not imagine it would be, but all the pictures I've seen of members' setups have much smaller distances.

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This is not just a nearfield thing. It's optimal for most speaker setups to have your left/right speakers toed in toward the listening position, with the tweeters aimed at your ears.
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Well, neither of my questions were about the direction of the speakers. Was concerned about the distance.


Anyways, I went to guitar center and was surprised at their setup. I got to try out the JBL LSR305, Yamaha HS5, Adam F5, Rokit 5, and Mackie MR5mk3. Of those, the Adam and JBL's sound appealed to me. I asked the representative for his input and he told me the JBL's would be his pick as they're easier to drive and greater value. I bought a pair, price matched with an online vendor making it just $225!

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Please share your price matching details. :) At that price, I might have to get one my self. Thanks!

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Buy 1, get one 50% off; both LSR305 and 308.

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Yes. JBL305 could be regarded as near field monitors.


Distance? I think this will depend on personal preference and desired SPL rather than following a hard and fast rule. With 7" cones you would certainly get away with it, 4" cones maybe not. 5"? I'd guess you'd be good but experiment if you can. The important thing is to maintain the equilateral triangle.


If you have the freedom to arrange the room for audio it's best to start from the optimal listening position. This is usually in the middle, 1/3 of the way down the long side of the room. Then place your mains if possible 2' away from any wall and then construct the equilateral triangle from there using the optimal listening point as the base position. Provided you have the SPL it should all be good.


The second best listening position is now 2/3 of the way down the long side of the room. So you will excellent near field and pretty decent mid field.


The next step would be to put some bass traps in the corners and acoustic panels at the primary reflection points i.e side walls, ceiling and floor (rug?) around the primary (and secondary if you can) listening position.  If that's not clear there are many guides available if you do a search.


As a guide I found it suited me to have my 4" monitors mounted on stands on a desk ~40" apart. The 5" work better slightly further apart mounted on full height stands just behind a desk or table. Twin 7" mid/far field as far apart as possible whilst maintaining the equilateral triangle based on the optimal listening position and distance from the corners. Remember,  from an acoustic perspective, your room has 12 corners not 8 if it's rectangular..

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Thanks for the detailed explanation Ronald. I managed to set them up ~46" apart from each other and myself. Right now they're just sitting on books to raise their level, but I'll likely get some yoga blocks to raise them up more (and prevent damage to my books). However, my ears actually aren't sensitive enough to hear a difference when I raise/lower my ear level. Or perhaps it is as the JBL box says, "broad sweet spot".


There isn't much I can do with further positioning, as there is only one convenient place to put my desk, and that is 1' away from a window at the end of a long apartment. And I'm using dual (LED) monitors so I can't bring the speakers further from the wall without consequently having to place the speakers in front of my (LED) monitors.


I don't have any equipment yet (DAC/Preamp), and have tried listening to the speakers through my Cowon J3 and desktop with onboard sound (XLR->RCA->3.5mm). Sound through the J3 is excellent, while the computer has a lot of hissing. Am I correct in assuming a DAC would help reduce the interference/hissing?

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