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Speakers (2.0/2.1, ~$350) with Schiit DAC/AMP

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I'm satisfied with my headphone setup right now (Cowon J3 -> Schiit Asgard -> ATH-W1000x) and would like to finally give my desktop setup (onboard sound card -> generic dell 2.1 speakers) some consideration.


Firstly, I'm leaning towards an external DAC (Schiit Bifrost) as opposed to a sound card after reading some threads here. Good choice?


Secondly, I'll need assistance on picking out 2.0/2.1 speakers, in price range of $100-$350, that would go nicely with the Bifrost/Asgard pairing and fit my music tastes (JPop/female vocals). I'd also be using them for watching dramas and playing ps3, but the sound quality with these applications isn't that important to me- just as long as they don't drop below my generic speakers :p


I was looking at Swan products, but not sure which is best for me. Also, I should be looking at passive speakers if I'm using a DAC/AMP right?


Please share your thoughts, thanks.

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I've been spending the past 10 days trying to decide on self-powered desktop studio monitors.

These seem to be about the best for the price, Emotiva Airmotiv 4, $300



I myself just ordered the Monoprice 5" Studio Monitors, $165, they seem to be rebranded M-Audio BX5s



For an external DAC

Hifimediy Sabre U2 USB DAC, $57+shipping


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I can second the Airmotiv 4s. They have very good highs for their price, something I think is important for female vocals.
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Thanks for the replies. So with the Airmotiv 4s, as it has an integrated amp, I would not use my Asgard correct?

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You won't need to amp the Airmotivs but Asgard has preamp functions no? Plug them in there so you can use Asgard volume control.

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A2 has a preamp, not A1.
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Yea, I have the original Asgard so no preamp.


Awesome then, I'll go for the Bifrost + Airmotiv 4s! Thanks for the input.

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Get Asgard 2! :L3000:

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Originally Posted by sparklyflea View Post

Get Asgard 2! :L3000:

Buy my Asgard 1 and I'll consider :p

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Ha! Asgard 2 has been on my list for a while. The pre-out on the Asgard 2 would be useful for me. Waiting to see what the new Schiit Vali has to offer once it is out in the wild. 

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Excuse the thread revival, but the Airmotiv 4s have been out of stock for months now and I'm about out of patience.


Could I get some 2.0 recommendations for JPop/female vocals, <$350? They will be paired with Schiit Asgard 2/Bifrost (haven't bought either yet, so open for further suggestions).


Thank you!

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The JBL LSR305s came out this past fall, and they have been getting excellent reviews all over the web. They are about $300 a pair, and Guitar Centers stock them if you happen to have one nearby. You could probably give them a listen.
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Thanks for  the recommendation; there is a guitar center nearby so I'll take a look. I've never been to one though, how accommodating are they in terms of testing equipment on site? Would I have to bring cables and a source, or do they have speakers on display set to go?


Also, for going from RCA -> XLR, will these do? http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=115&cp_id=11509&cs_id=1150902&p_id=4776&seq=1&format=2

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Airmotiv 4s have been out of stock


They don't have an established competitor. Not at that price. Not in NA anyway. Presumably that's why they sold out so much faster than anticipated.


Until recently it wasn't though there was a market for high quality 4" drivers. They won't fill a room. Not to a high SPL. Even with a sub-woofer.


However, if you spend a lot of time in front of a desk anyways, as multti media near field monitors they can be stunning. Really stunning. More air and space than even the most expensive open backed headphones, you are always in the sweet spot and because you are so close they don't need the depth and power which can cause so many problems with bigger speakers in an untreated room. 


So a new market segment was born. Genelec 8020, Focal CMS40, ADAM A3X.


Emotiva were quick off the line with the 4s. Which are basically a knock off of the ADAMs. Even they appear to have been caught out by the demand.


All the manufacturers will have a model out soon. Tannoy have introduced a 4" model in their brand new range. Haven't seen any yet but they are already on back order some places.


On the other hand. If a very small form factor isn't that important to you you can trade down a brand and get a pair of 5" actives from Mackie, Yamaha, JB, Fostex or even ADAM F5s. If you are willing to trade down 2 brands you can get 7" models from Berhinger, M-Audio or Samson etc for a similar price.

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Thanks for the input Ronald. I looked up some of those speakers/brands, and the JBL seems to be the best price-wise at $150 each.

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