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I have recently acquired a pair of Fostex PM0.4n near field monitors. I am very happy with these, however I am going to need to buy some cables to connect them to a source that uses RCA outputs.  I would like decent quality cables that will last, but I am on a tight budget.


Each of these speakers requires it's own audio cable and will be sitting about 6 feet apart from eachother.   I am looking for my best options for connectivity while keeping it cheap.  Each monitor can accept either a 1/4 inch TRS/TS input or a rca input.  These are the options I have been considering.


Option 1:


Professional RCA to 1/4 TS Patch Cables ~$15

Kirlin Pro 6 foot Patch Cables

GLS Audio 6 foot Patch Cables <-only if I can find a two pack instead of a 6 pack



Option 2:


Buy a pretty sleeved TS Cable then cut it apart and re terminate the non TS ends with Nakamachi Locking RCA adapters ~$24

Nice looking Sleeved TS Cable



Option 3:


Split apart a Monoprice premium RCA Cable to get two patch cables ~$6 after shipping



Option 4:


Use a pair of Monoprice Digital Coaxial Cables as patch cables ~$10 after shipping



I can see advantages with each option and I am looking for a combination of performance and decent looks.  I would like to hear you guys' opinions and suggestions.  


My cable budget is really in the $20 or less range, although I might be willing to stretch it a few dollars.

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