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AKG k550 vs K240 mk2 ?

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Hi everybody!    I am a musician and I have tried AKG k240 mk2 but I have not listened to k550 yet.

I want to choose between them but i want to know "is there a huge difference between them in sound quality?" (80$ _ 249$)

Between some headphones that I've tried, I liked k240's timber and signature, but I want something more professional !

I want to make sure that k550 is similar to it but improved.

What are the differences exactly?

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Buy the AKG k550 off eBay.

On eBay, HarmanAudio (AKG) sells refurb K550s with factory warranties.

My winning bid was $180.

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Thank you... but still i have not got my answer about comparing with k240 mk2 ? 

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