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jbl Synchros S200

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for few days i am using the jbl Synchros S200 and they are great!

very good bass

very good separation of the saund

very wide and difine stage

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What headphones do you have to compare them with? What is the hardware you're listening to them on? What songs have your tried them with?
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i wold like to compare the jbl s200 to snheisser ie80

iam listening with my android lg-g pro

mostly pop musix. u2 maddona 

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Does anyone have any further review or say about these? I saw them in a review on Zite. I'm looking for something to use for simple daily listening on the go that doesn't require amplification that would easily plug into my PS4 controller.
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After a week with the headphones can write a brief summary of advantages / disadvantages. We'll start with the cons because there is not much .... Large headphones protruding outside the ear , it 's a nuisance if you want to sleep and listen to music , snsnheizr ie80 more comfortable in this respect. Sealing of silicone plugs good but not great sponge seals are best. (By the way I closed it compares sanheiser ie80 alone says how good the headset ). Microphone (like all such headphones ) does not contain any element of filtering noise , but beyond that is fine. Ended disadvantages . Advantages , excellent sound , deep bass and one that not destroys the exchange notes . Very wide stage . Excellent sound separation . Important Notes : Excellent bass but doubled the first notes that these headphones ( as per this standard headphones ) sound signature should get used to it and second and more importantly if the file sound quality is not good enoughthe bass gets "musy" and the sound quality is significantly impaired . So if you intend to only listen to the radio or streaming poor quality musix these headphones is not appropriate . If you use high-quality music files ( MP3-190kbs minimum and desirable LOSLESS files) awaits you a wonderful experience. Gamers: this us not gamers headphone but you will have good experience . Another thing these headset consume more energy than the garbage usually comes natively with devices so it has a certain price during a battery. thowse of you who like a flat sound, this is not the headphones for you. , But who love excellent bass will enjoy these headphones , but unlike the BEATS these headphones also sound good on all the spectrom. and now I'm going to force myself to stop listen to adele turning tables and go to sleep.

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Thanks very much for taking the time to post on these .

Your impressions are very valuable since they are the only ones so far in here...

Much appreciated.

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Are these dynamic drivers or balanced armatures?
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Originally Posted by disastermouse View Post

Are these dynamic drivers or balanced armatures?

These are 10mm dynamics. 10hz - 22kHz, 108 db spl. I have a set which I got when they launched several months back. I bought them on the premise that I could count on JBL's decent reputation for professional and consumer grade loudspeakers. All three of the sound systems  in my house are composed of JBL speakers, subs and Harmon Kardon receivers, which I have really been impressed with the sound from. 


Honestly at the price point for the Synchros S200, they sound ok. Average isolation. A comparable earphone set at this price point which I own also is the GR07BE. When doing an A B comparison, the Vsonics sound better. Better sub bass, comparable mids, much more extended treble. There soundstage on the Synchros is less than that of the GR07, and the clarity much further down... The GR07's make the S200's sound slightly muddy. As mentioned above it might take some people a while to adjust to the sound signature from the S200. 


The thing that Synchros have going for them is that they have a good bulletproof build, excellent strain relief connection, tough aluminum housings, though heavy. The cable is flat, fairly robust. These would make a great set for commuting, working out, ...etc. And the Synchros currently are setup for Android devices, with an inline mic and controls. 

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Hey, I have owned these headphones for a while now I guess I will post a review. I am comparing them to the older Klipsch S4i (compare at $110) as well as the Monster Copper Turbine Pro (compare at $400).
Cons: very large design protruding from ears, rubber ear tips provided are very uncomfortable for me and cause a pressure in my ear canals
Pros: excellent sound-about the same as the Klipsch in my opinion, deep bass from JBL Purebass technology, durable aluminum casing, very lightweight despite size, flat tangle free cables, wide sound spectrum, great performance across sound spectrum, ComplyFoam tips included.

I bought these earbuds a few months ago at a JBL store in china. They are absolutely amazing. The sound quality was quite good for the price, although it did not match up to the $400 Monster Copper Turbine Pros. The regular rubber ear tips did not fit me, but luckily enough the box came with a set of ComplyFoam tips which fit incredibly well and provided spectacular sound isolation. The bass honestly was not as powerful as I expected from all the talk about JBl purebass, but it still sounds good as it does not upset the sound quality with too much bass. I highly recommend these headphones.
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Anyone ever compare these to the MEE M-Duo? Curious how they compare with each other.

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