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Comparison between NAD HP50 and BeoPlay H6? (And a short comparison between the H6 & P7)

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I know each headphone has their own respective thread(s), but I thought it made sense to start a new one with my specific question.  Feel free to publicly admonish me if you think I'm wrong :-)


So, I'm turning 30 here in a couple weeks and want a nice set of headphones.  I went to the local Apple store last night and auditioned both the Bowers & Wilkins P7 and Bang/Olufsen H6.  These two could not be more sonically different, in my opinion.  I started with the H6, and immediately thought "Wow, these sound so *clean*".  And they do, the sound is positively pure all the way through.  I thought the bass seemed in appropriate in quantity and delicious in quality.  Lately I've been listening to a lot of electronic music (artists like Blackmill, Pretty Lights), but I also love to rock out with the likes of Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, the screaming-thrashing kind.  I threw this at the H6 and was always impressed by the purity.  Then I put on "Doing it Right" from the new Daft Punk album to see how the bass handled that one low note (you'll know what I'm talking about if you've listened to it), and to my ears it sounded just right.  Like...so just right that I was a little taken aback.  The lower bass sounded no more or less than the not-as-low bass, if that makes sense.  In other words, my impression was that the bass response was completely flat all the way down, whereas most other headphones and speakers I've listened to either pump it up to reach further, or it's noticeably quieter because you're starting to exceed their capabilities.  Anyway, I was impressed.  My only "issue" was that I had to jack up the volume out of my phone to get the level I'd probably be listening at.  This could have something to do with being in a noisy store, though.


So then I switched over to the P7, difference in sound characteristics was tremendous.  My first thought was "These things are absolutely thunderous".  So much more bass presence, and after the H6 it sounded unnatural in most genres.  For example in Silverstein's "The End", the acoustic guitars in the beginning just felt bloated and a little "bloomy" if that makes any sense, almost like their sound was reverberating through the earcups too much.  And I could absolutely tell that the midrange was boosted, again it felt artifical, almost like those old radios where somebody jacked up the 'mids' knob just one click too many.  Granted this is all coming right after listening to what I'd describe as the purest-sounding headphones I've heard, so of course anything else was going to sound unnatural after that.


The sound of the P7 was definitely more *fun* to listen to with the aforementioned genre of screaming and thrashing with its extra thumping.


Comfort was another area I thought the H6 won in.  The earpads are so soft, and the headphones are so light, it just feels divine.  They almost feel like the Momentum earpads, but they go around my ears instead of sitting on them.  The P7 by comparison felt hard and heavy, and my ears started sweating after just a few minutes with those on.  The P7 definitely looks more luxurious, but the H6 feels it.


Anyway, just my impressions.  I walked in expecting to prefer the P7 in both looks and sound.  I assumed B&O was just another Bose company, more marketing than sound, but these are solid-sounding headphones and I wouldn't at all feel ripped off paying full price given the sound and build.


Wrote more than I intended there.  I'm curious if anybody has any impressions between the H6 and either the PSB M4U-1 or NAD HP50?

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I just want to note that these were only my observations.  I know there are *many* people (hi-profile reviewers included) who love the Bowers & Wilkins set, and I wouldn't blame them.  They are pure sexy luxury in both looks and sound.  But I can't help but form opinions when I'm directly putting two sets of headphones against each other, and that is what I wrote.  Not saying "You bought the wrong headphones!!", unlike Jeremy Clarkson I recognize my opinion is not the end of it.  Just saying stating that I preferred the others in a direct comparison is all.


And seriously, it wasn't even as one-sided as I made it sound.  The extra bass from the P7 is pretty intoxicating and I wanted that in the H6.


So, cheers :-)

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suck me ,i even hear about these headphones

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hey, how do the mids sound on the H6? im really torn between the P7 and the H6, HELP

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The mid is the strength of the H6. Really beautiful and effortless. I sold one and then bought another one back because I missed it very much.

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Originally Posted by xanlamin View Post

The mid is the strength of the H6. Really beautiful and effortless. I sold one and then bought another one back because I missed it very much.

Oh nice, people say the p7 sounds more fun but I have the v-moda m100 for that
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How's the most recent thoughts of sound quality between BeoPlay H6 and NAD HP50?

It would be wonderful to hear from someone who have experienced both phones.

They're rated extremely well across the web, yet it's challenging to distinguish their sound differences.

Most curious priority between two (or any reference grade monitors) would be tonal accuracy, balance, and soundstage.


Tyll from InnerFidelity preferred HP50 than H6:


"Another can I wanted to like but just couldn't in the end. Measurements show a significantly uneven response with a withdrawn mid-range and peaks at 1kHz, 8kHz, and 19kHz. With similar headphones in the $300-$400 price range that sound very good (Sennheiser Momentum, NAD VISO HP50, Focal Spirit Professional) the B&O H6 just doesn't quite cut the mustard."

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Tyll admits he prefferes HPs on the bassy side of things.

have both P7 and H6. The P7's are collecting dust on the shelf (not really.they're in the case :) ).


reasons to get the P7:

boosted bass (done really well). hense the "fun" tone.

highs are rolled off.

narrow SS.

makes them perfect in my opinion for EDM and modern pop.


gives the feeling of listening in a room with good sound system.


reasons for the H6:

bass is fast and tight. alot more aligned with the rest of the spectrum. its still boosted by 1-3 db i feel. really not lacking. unless you're a B head.

high are well extended an detailed. giving more airy sound. with the mids not lagging behind.

wide soundstage.

feels like you see the band perforfming infront of you.

better separation.

the h6 more comfortable and have better isolation.

lighter and looks much better for outside use.

can get hot on the head. for me atleast here in Israel its not exactly Iceland ;)


both have gr8 imaging.

both are awsome HPs to have.

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