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For Sale:
Stax 2170 Earspeaker System - 252S A Class Headphone Amplifier & SR-207 Earspeakers price drop!!!!!!

Will Ship To: UK

May be willing to swap for good condition AKG3003i or Colorfly C4 Pro.
good condition( but please note there are a few blemishes on the front plate of the driver unit) and not used nearly as much as it should. The Earspeaker System retails at £750 new. Comprises the Stax Pro Bias SR-207 Earspeaker and the Stax 252S Driver Unit. Stax call their headphone an earspeaker because they do not believe that the term headphone accurately describe how good their product is. The ear speakers are simply stunning and have a surprise in the bass response for an electrostat. The driver unit is an A class Headphone Amplifier that separately retails for £400+. The sound is stunning- but will it last? The build quality of Stax products is exceptional. I am selling a pair of electrostats from the 1970s that sound fantastic as well as energisers from the 70s and 80s. This stuff is built to last. And you now have an opportunity to join an elite band of audio enthusiasts in this country who want their music reproduced as authentically and intimately as possible. This is quite simply what Stax brings to the table.The driver unit has 1 phono line in to connect your cd player dac etc and 1 line out to connect to your amplifier etc. It has 1 pro bias input and only a stax pro ear speaker will fit. It has been designed to perfectly complement the qualities of the ear speaker supplied but will run Stax Earspeakers costing £1000s more.I have no more room! I am letting most of my stuff go and am moving to a portable setup.Would consider swapping for AKGK3003i or Colorfly C4 Pro.