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For Sale:
Little Dot MK VII+ balanced amp (and Little Dot DAC_I)

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

Up for sale is a good beginner's balanced DAC and amp setup. I bought them together from Little Dot in May 2010 for around $700 shipped. MK VII+ was used until Dec 2011, DAC_I was used until May 2013. Since then, they've been sitting and gathering dust, so I figured I might as well let someone else enjoy them.


Condition-wise, the amp is 9/10, with slight scratches on the volume knob, while the DAC is 7/10 with a slight nick on the back and a slightly wobbly power entry jack.


Functionally, the amp is 100% perfect, no issues at all. The DAC seems to have some slight crackling when using the single-ended output, which I rarely used once or twice with a single-ended amp I built. The balanced output is 100% fine though. I used the DAC's balanced output pretty much 99% of the time to feed the MK VII+, so I never noticed the crackling in daily use.


Specs-wise, I'll just link to Little Dot's pages:




Amp has both single-ended and balanced input and output, in RCA=>1/4" TRS and 2xXLR=>4-pin XLR.

DAC has USB, BNC, optical Toslink, coax RCA inputs, and singled-ended RCA and balanced 2xXLR outputs. Can do 24/96 over anything but USB, which is limited to 16/48. DAC output simultaneously to both RCA and 2xXLR.


Both amp and DAC are setup for 110V, I'm not sure if it's easy to switch to 220V.


I'll throw in the 2 IEC power cables they came with, as well as a USB cable for the DAC and a 2xRCA cable for singled-ended connectivity. For balanced connectivity, you need 2x 3-pin M-to-F XLR cables, which can be bought from someplace like monoprice (it's what I still use!) or pick your favorite custom cable maker.


Payment-wise, I'd prefer Paypal or cash. For now, I'd like to keep this local to the SF Bay Area only, as it's quite a pain and expense to ship them. If nobody bites and there's enough interest, I might consider shipping them for an additional cost. I'd also like to keep these together if possible.


Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions!