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Good Source to purchase music?

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I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this under, If not could you please redirect me? Anyways I just got the HD 558s and I'm wondering what's a good place to buy music from? Since I've heard that iTunes isn't the highest quality, I haven't bought anything yet. (I'm brand new to hi-fi sound, so I have no idea what I'm doing =P) The type of music I usually listen to is electronic (not dubstep), rock, etc. Basically anything with a fast beat. So whats my best option? Also if you know any songs/artists I would like, I'd like to know that as well.
thanks in advance
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Buy used audio CDs off Amazon or eBay, make your own FLAC music files.

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A fantastic source for CD's is a library! AND it's FREE! I've downloaded 100's upon 100's of CD's over the years!
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You can even get FREE sampler downloads from amazon, I have recently had some label demo album's, a few live session recordings from artists like Moby, Birdy and Travis... They dont always have them up for more than a month or so but if you do some digging you can get some real bargains.  


I am very aware that people are happy to rip music illegally but that is not my style, and in general its not good for the consumer in the long term.  Follow artists you like on twitter, facebook and their home pages and you soon get a good collection of free current music.  


I go to lots of local gig's in the UK, in small pubs and clubs and many are really willing to share stuff for free as a form of advertising.  If you do get stuff for free then share the knowledge with others but not the material unless you have permission.


I have also spent MANY nights trawling youtube for things of interest and tracked down plenty of talented people that have their own sites with music for free download. 


The more you look the more you will find, the internet is blamed for cyber-crime and killing the music industry, when in fact all it has done is open the window to ALL the talent out there and many of those people will gladly share their music for free.

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Originally Posted by PurpleAngel View Post

make your own FLAC music files.

How do would I do that? I really am brand new to this
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I collect CD as an accompanying hobby as audiophilia. I rip them to FLAC (using any media player, I prefer Winamp or Foobar), and store on a hard drive.


A lot of artists put music up for free download, which is a good way to get it. Especially if they're youtube artists, though more and more are starting to charge for it.

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also bandcamp has some free music on it available from mp3 til flac/alac (1536 kbps) in basically every genre.

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