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After a brief and hateful ownership of some V-Moda M100s (which were promptly fully refunded -- gotta love Amazon!), I recently bought some Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros. It was kind of an impulsive purchase, but my old cans were just about dead... Bose longevity is only marginally better than the sound quality. I needed phones quickly, and I'm quite happy with the COP -- for portable listening. I still need to burn them in, but I can see them being pretty good for listening out and about while I'm at school.


All of that said, I'm looking into a pair of honest headphones that won't leave my home. I'm a music student, so I want to be able to mix my projects effectively. I'm sensitive to harsh highs, and I listen at relatively low volumes. Under $200 is best.


I anticipate need for a small amplifier (excluded from the budget above)... the FiiO E70K Andes looks promising.


I write and listen to metal, electronic fusion, and pop. Vocals and guitars take precedence in sound reproduction, but electronic drums and bass should also be clear. One of the problems with the COP is the cymbal reproduction, so vibrant drums are a plus.


Circumaural is a must (sorry, Grado!)... long-stretch comfort is king. I can do either open or closed, because I'll be behind closed doors at low volumes anyhow.


So far, I've been intrigued by the following:


Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, 250 Ohm -- drawbacks include non-detachable cable, potentially recessed mids


Sennheiser HD 598 -- I'm unsure about this one's construction. Some reviews say detachable cable, some say otherwise. The 1/4"                                     termination would also require a different amplifier/DAC. Some say it's great for metal, others say it's awful...



Thanks in advance!