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I was thinking of getting the Etymotic ER 4S because of it neutral, analytical sound, but decided that I want  full sized headphones, because I already have a pair of IEMS (UE Pro fi, with a nice emphasis on the bass, which I like with my iPod when I go the gym, and that is where I only use the IEMS).


I'm looking for a full sized pair of headphones that have as little coloration as possible, are neutral , and analytical.  I'd like to get as close to the Stax Sr009's as possible---that is my goal---but of course for less money. I think the LCD2 and LCD3 are warm, but they have colorations---thats out for me.  Also, I'm looking for open back phones because I'm looking for airiness and soundstage, which I think you still can't get convincingly with closed back phones.


So: I think Hifiman HE 500 or HE6 might be good.  I know the HE6 will be more analytical than the 500.


Do you feel the HE6 would be the best choice?


Can you make any other suggestions?


I have not bought an amp yet, but my first purchase would be the phones.