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For Sale:
Sennheiser hd-650 (new headband) NOTE: Apuresound Modded

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I have a pair of 2 yr old hd 650s in immaculate condition. The headband was recently replace (80 quid) also so that's a less than a year old. These cans can get 10+ years use on average. Great engineering. Plus I still have the original padded box and documentation. 


I'm selling as I'm making the switch to the HD 600s. I just prefer their more neutral presentation. 


I modded my 650s by taking off the foam covering the outside of the driver behind each grill last year. I did so to further remove their veil. It really made them sound better, less fuzzy so if you like electronica and classical and are getting into head-fi these 650s will serve you well. 


I talked to their designer Axel Grell at the london Head-fi meet last April about my mod and he 

said it just changed their treble emphasis a tad. Personally I think much for the better! As I love

to hear the detail on strings in classical as well as pumping out the bass on electro. Now my 650s

can do both v well! 


These cost me over 340 sterling new so im asking 200 plus p&p for these. 


Im living in Bristol UK, will post where ever as long as you cover p&p. 

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